February 15, 2009

Big Star

Reto a la Insensibilidad
A Challenge to the Insensitivity

Banda: Big Star
Disco: Big Star Story (2003)

1. September Gurls - Bangles Cover - Yo La Tengo Cover
2. Thank You Friends
3. Don't Lie to Me
4. Ballad of El Goodo
5. Holocaust
6. I Am the Cosmos
7. In the Street
8. You Get What You Deserve
9. Thirteen
10. You & Your Sister
11. Back of a Car
12. Jesus Christ
13. Mod Lang
14. Baby Strange
15. O, Dana
16. Motel Blues
17. Nightime
18. Hot Thing


V. said...

Hola Javier! por aqui pase, aunque no me lo creas, despues de meses y meses.... cuidate mucho.

Jorsevil said...


icastico said...

Great music.

Without listening I would guess that "Back of a Car" is really "Big Black Car"

Jorsevil said...

Hi Icastico, I saw cd, "Back of a car" is correct.

Thanks for visit blog