April 30, 2008

Goodspeed You! Black Emperor

Descarga: f# a# oo

Studio Album, released in 1997

Track Listings

1. The Dead Flag Blues (16:27):
(i) The Dead Flag Blues (Intro); (ii) Slow Moving Trains/The Cowboy; (iii) (Outro)
2. East Hastings (17:58):
(i) "...Nothing’s Alrite In Our Life..."/Dead Flag Blues (Reprise); (ii) The Sad Mafioso; (iii) Drugs In Tokyo/Black Helicopter
3. Providence (29:04):
(i) Divorce & Fever; (ii) Dead Metheny; (iii) Kicking Horse On Broken Hill; (iv) String Loop Manufactured During Downpour

Total Time: 63:29

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