August 31, 2008

Material Issue

Listen The Silence

Material Issues's "International Pop Overthrow"

A very very fast update, too many issues these days, work issues, partner issues, factory issues, friend issues, hand issues, finger issues, life & soul issues, home issues, life is plenty of issues, not's a problem, them just are a Material Issues. I'll be stick around this blog as soon the issues goes down.

Meanwhile I'm listening "Valerie Loves Me", "Diane" & "Very First Lie" a sadness song on a great luminous set of pop songs.

Listen The Silence


kurt said...

hi! i just discovered your blog.
amazing stuff here. lots of great music. any chance of posting the ff:
Momus - little red songbook
stars forever
ping pong
Blue Aeroplanes - friendloverplane
1 & 2
Sugar Plant - happy
Trembling Blue Stars - lips that
taste of

Jorsevil said...

Hello there, thanks for your words, you have lucky, I have some Trembling Blue Stars cds, already just the first one is loaded in RS, let me some time to upload Lips That taste.. Momus's Little red songbook Y Stars forever.